4 Christmas experiences you shouldn’t miss in Hoi An

4 Christmas experiences you shouldn’t miss in Hoi An

Taking photos of the big pine tree in Hoi An Impression Park, walking on the lantern street and shopping at the night market are suggestions for visitors.

At the end of December, Hoi An is not too crowded so you can enjoy a memorable holiday season here.

Play Christmas in the park

Hoi An Impression Park, Con Hen has been decorated with giant pine trees, many dim lights, suitable for taking photos. On the evening of December 24, visitors can buy a “warm love” Christmas combo, including entrance tickets, dinner at Non La restaurant, and tickets to watch the Hoi An Memories show for 950,000 VND per person. In addition, the restaurant also organizes an exchange program with Lightning Fast minigames, including a series of questions about holidays, parks and real-life shows. Visitors will have the opportunity to receive a pair of Eco class tickets and a party discount voucher when participating in this game.

The Christmas photo corner is loved by many visitors when coming to the park. Photo: ATHA Park.

Visit the church

Located on Nguyen Truong To Street, Hoi An Church is one of the remaining relics, related to the process of Catholicism entering Vietnam in the early 17th-20th centuries. About two weeks before Christmas, the church began decorating the grounds with lights, pine trees and miniatures of the nativity scene.

On December 24 and 25, the 2019 Great Christmas program will take place at the church. Visitors can come here to celebrate, visit or take commemorative photos.

Take a walk in the lantern street

Walking on the riverside roads, you will hear the bustling sound of bicycle bells and the sweet voice of vendors on street corners.

Before Christmas, shops in the street are also dressed up with pine trees, snowmen and sparkling decorative lights. Visitors can take photos in front of old houses or stop and enjoy the night scene at a roadside cafe. Shops with beautiful space and high visibility that you can choose from are Faifo Coffee or Cocobox.

Iron frame lanterns are a typical feature in Hoi An. Photo: ATHA Park.

Shopping at the night market

The night market located on Nguyen Hoang Street is the busiest trading place in the old town. Open here from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., stalls sell items such as handicrafts, souvenirs, and lanterns. Coming to the market during Christmas, visitors can see lovely gifts such as reindeer manes, Santa Claus costumes…

In addition, Nguyen Hoang market also has many restaurants selling Cao Lau, baked goods, mussel dumplings, and lotus seed sweet soup. The sellers here are friendly and hospitable, so you will buy many delicious dishes and beautiful gifts at reasonable prices.

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