5 memorable experience with coconut boats in Hoi An

What is the coconut boats? 

Coconut boats are a familiar means of transport for residents of Cua Dai area, in Hoi An. Currently, there are more than 1,000 coconut boats serving tourists in the coconut forest. Most foreign tourists are excited when they first see the typical round boat of Quang region.

The coconut boats, although simple but sturdy and safe, will take you along the cool road on the clear blue water, on both sides are coconut forests stretching out into the middle of the river, creating a Western scene in the heart of Hoi An.

Một nghệ nhân đang biểu diễn tiết mục múa thuyền thúng. Ảnh: Duy Hậu

History of Bay Mau coconut forest?

Cam Thanh coconut forest has existed for about 200 years. At that time, migrants from the Southwest region brings water coconut
varieties and planted them in this area. Thanks to the combination of water and soil, the trees gradually multiply and develop
into a large forest of about 7 acres (7 hectares). The name Bay Mau coconut forest also comes from there (although currently
the coconut forest has an area of ​​up to 100 hectares).
Vẻ đẹp của rừng dừa nước Cẩm Thanh lại được tôn vinh

5 Memorable experience with coconut boats in Hoi An

  • Take a coconut boat ride to the river: Sitting in a coconut boat weaving through the green
    coconut trees and enjoying the fresh air is a unique experience, loved by many people. Bay Mau
    coconut forest tourist area has two types of coconut boats, a small one that can carry 2 guests
    and a large one for 4 guests. During the journey of walking and sightseeing, you will hear
    interesting stories about the coconut forest and in the distance is the lovely melody of a Quang
    folk song.
  • Casting a net to catch fish: Casting a net to catch fish is a lively performance that many people
    look forward to when coming to Hoi An coconut forest. You will be able to admire firsthand the image
    of the rustic and ingenious fish-catching nets of the fishermen here.

Rừng dừa Bảy Mẫu - Hội An

  • Try your hand at basket boat “dancing”: The most attractive point at Bay Mau coconut forest is
    probably the experience of “dancing” boats with the fishermen here. This game is no different from
    adventure games in the park.
    The boatmen use their skill to make the basket boat spin until “dizzy”. Viewers feel queasy even
    just witnessing it. However, this game attracts customers because of its uniqueness and stimulation
    of conquest. To participate in this game, visitors need to have physical strength and balance skills, especially
    not for those with “faint heart” or seasickness.
  • Making souvenirs from coconut leaves: During the Bay Mau coconut forest tour, you will be give souvenirs from coconut leaves by the boatman such as watches, rings, locusts, tribal hats…Even though they are only small gifts, they show the cuteness, enthusiasm and naivety of the people of Quang. The aunties and uncles will also guide you so you can make your favorite items yourself.

Rừng dừa Bảy Mẫu Hội An - Trải nghiệm múa thúng trên sông - Công ty du lịch S-Tours

  • Enjoy Hoi An specialties at local people’s houses: During your journey to explore Hoi An coconut forest, don’t hesitate to accept dinner invitations from local people to have the most authentic experiences of rustic life here. . You will be treated to delicious specialties such as: spring rolls, sweet and sour shrimp salad, banana flower salad, Central region pancakes…
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