What should I keep in mind when traveling to Hoi An?


Hoi An Ancient Town is currently one of the most attractive tourist destinations for both domestic and international visitors. Hoi An possesses a charming, ancient beauty combined with a hint of modern atmosphere, which captivates people’s hearts when they come here. However, when planning a trip to Hoi An or other tourist cities, there are certain conditions and considerations for tourists, varying from place to place.

Of course, if you want to have a safe and enjoyable trip, it is important to have some travel experience in Hoi An. Don’t overlook this article by Living in Hoi An which provides comprehensive tips and advice from A to Z for your Hoi An travel experience.


Do not ride motorbikes in the ancient town of Hoi An when you visit

Riding motorcycles or cars will make the air here less clean and peaceful. So, if not by motorbike, then how to get around? You can rest assured that the ancient town is not too large. Through photos or films about Hoi An tourism, you can easily notice very few, or even no, images of motorcycles. Simply because motorcycles are prohibited during certain hours in Hoi An!

You can totally explore on foot or, most commonly, ride bicycles to wander around the old town. Even local residents prefer riding bicycles instead of motorcycles


No pushing or shoving

On regular days, it’s fine, but during the peak tourist season in Hoi An, the Old Town will be quite crowded. Especially in the evenings, there will be a large influx of tourists, and the streets may be packed with people. However, you shouldn’t rush and end up pushing others. Firstly, it can lead to unnecessary conflicts and spoil your trip.

When visiting crowded attractions, most people are patient and wait their turn to buy tickets. Please maintain order, form a queue, and wait for your turn instead of pushing each other.


You should not dress inappropriately when visiting Hoi An

It is advised to avoid revealing or disrespectful clothing while traveling to Hoi An. Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known for its cultural significance, ancient structures, temples, and assembly halls. Dressing inappropriately, and even provocatively, is highly discouraged. There have been instances where tourists were not allowed to enter certain attractions in Hoi An due to their inappropriate attire.


Avoid going during the rainy season

Hoi An, like other tourist destinations, still has its own charm during the rainy season, but it must be acknowledged that there are inconveniences. Hoi An is no exception. Besides the difficulty of getting around, the ancient town is prone to flooding due to its low-lying location near the Hoai River. Therefore, it is not advisable to visit Hoi An during the rainy season. If you want to visit Hoi An for 3 days, the most suitable time is between January and July.


voiding tickets when visiting Hoi An

Unlike many other tourist attractions, ticket sales for the ancient town are relatively lenient and not too strict. That’s why, if you’re a bit sneaky, you can enter without buying a ticket. Ticket inspectors have a hard time checking when there are a lot of tourists. However, you should not act like that. It only shows that you are a “low-class” tourist. And if you happen to get caught, it can be embarrassing in front of others.

You should know that most of the ticket fees are used for the preservation and renovation of the ancient town, as well as the protection of historical sites here. So, although the amount of money is small, it contributes a lot.


Negotiating prices when shopping in the early morning

According to the experience of everyone in my family who travels, bargaining is a common practice when shopping, but you should avoid doing this when you are the first customer of the day! In the early mornings when visiting Hoi An, you might be the first person to make a purchase somewhere, so haggling as the first customer can make the shop owner uncomfortable and may lead to arguments. The shop owner might even consider it bad luck for their day’s sales. It’s not enjoyable to have a loud argument while traveling, is it? Therefore, please limit it.

You can inquire about the price, and if it’s reasonable, make the purchase; otherwise, just move on.


Fishing for aquatic species from An Hoi Bridge to Hoai River Square.

In the past, local residents used to make a living by fishing and clamming in the Hoai River. However, these activities have been prohibited since the development of tourism to ensure tranquility and preserve the scenic beauty and biodiversity of the Hoai River. Some tourists who are unaware of this prohibition may still come here to fish as a form of relaxation.

It is important to note that engaging in this activity can result in fines due to a lack of understanding. Besides strolling along the river, please avoid fishing in the Hoai River to prevent any unwarranted incidents.


Finally, don’t rush when visiting Hoi An

Typically, when people travel, they try to visit as many attractions as possible, take lots of photos, and explore different places to preserve a variety of experiences and special moments.

However, with Hoi An, don’t be too hasty or too focused on trying to visit all the attractive spots here. Life in Hoi An is quite slow-paced, and as a result, the locals and activities here are also gentle and leisurely. You don’t need to wake up too early; a day here can start a little late but end early in a peaceful and serene atmosphere, including the restaurants and eateries which are the same way!



People often say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and of course, that saying applies when you travel to Hoi An as well. The tips on living in Hoi An that have been compiled above will ensure that your trip to Hoi An is more enjoyable and fulfilling! So, take this handy little Hoi An travel guide with you!

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