Fashion show event introducing recycled fashion “O Collection”

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Fashion show event introducing recycled fashion “O Collection”


With the slogan “One Hour for Earth” to respond to the Earth Hour campaign, on March 25, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hoi An, the Hoi An Environmental Club (S.E.A Club), in collaboration with the Hoi An Women’s Union in Cam Nam ward, the recycled business model of Hanh Phuc store, the Community Integration Research and Support Center (CORMIS), the music production company Spice Records, and the fashion brand Miukstyle_shop organized an event to showcase the recycled fashion collection called “O Collection”.

The “O Collection” recycled fashion collection took place on Bach Dang Street, Hoi An Ancient Town. This collection is particularly special as it features designs of traditional “ao dai” and “ao ba ba” made from leftover fabrics, with models who are sisters with disabilities from the Hạnh Phúc and Cormis stores.

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The inspiration of the “O collection” comes from the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, which transforms broken ceramics into exquisite pieces using gold. Kintsugi embodies a philosophy that blends Eastern and Western principles. Just like how broken pottery becomes more beautiful and resilient when repaired with gold, the same transformation can occur within ourselves when we learn to accept imperfections and live with them as a beauty bestowed by life.

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“O collection” is a platform where stories are shared about local efforts to reduce waste, transform waste into resources, create livelihoods, and promote the circular economy in the ancient town of Hoi An. Additionally, this event also introduces and promotes the beauty of the traditional tailoring craft in Hoi An.

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In addition, this program also provides opportunities for fashion and handmade recycled products that are practical. As aesthetically appealing to be more accessible to everyone. It serves as a platform for disabled women at Hanh Phuc and Cormis stores to share their waste recycling stories, aiming to promote confidence, inclusivity. Also empowerment, and enhance the position of people with disabilities. This initiative inspires and creates a positive impact on society and the environment, working towards sustainable development goals.

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Special models wore unique and highly aesthetic outfits that left a strong impression on the audience. The collection conveyed a message of empowering the community. More involving marginalized groups in environmental protection, spreading humanitarian values within the community.

Additionally, the event organized open stalls for recycled handicrafts, showcasing. As selling products made from leftover fabric and plastic banners with various styles and high practicality in daily life, attracting the attention of tourists and the local community.

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Statement at the event, Mr. Nguyen The Hung, Vice Chairman of Hoi An City stated. “To achieve certain achievements in environmental protection in general, minimize the impacts of climate change, and reduce waste in particular. It is necessary to have the collective participation of all social classes. The political system, businesses, and the local community of the city.”

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And he also expressed hopes that this event would be an opportunity to connect businesses, organizations. Also, individuals through practical and specific actions towards a green, environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Together, they aim to make Hoi An a “green destination, an ecological-cultural-tourism city.”.

Fashion show event introducing recycled fashion “O Collection”

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