Hoi An at night and its wonderful experiences

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Many tourists visiting Hoi An wonder what is special about the ancient town at night. Besides its serene beauty that captivates people’s hearts, the town resembles a meticulously painted lacquer artwork.

What is special about Hoi An at night?

Quiet, bustling, and enchanting, Hoi An captivates many with its serene and picturesque beauty. The evening is an ideal time for travelers to explore the charm of the ancient town. Illuminated by sparkling lights, the place suddenly becomes alluring and beckons countless visitors to linger. Below are 15 wonderful experiences in the Old Town that tourists can discover.


Discover the fascinating aspects of Hoi An at night.

1. Admiring lanterns at night



Admire the colorful lanterns glowing brightly.

The most wonderful thing for tourists on Hoi An tours is that you can stroll through the ancient town at night. In the peaceful atmosphere, the shining lanterns make this place even more poetic. Wandering around the small streets, losing yourself in the tranquil space, you will feel the peaceful atmosphere. This will be an extremely interesting experience for tourists.

2. Sailing on the Hoai River.



Moving on the Hoai River and exploring the surrounding life

Sitting on a boat, moving along the Hoai River and learning about the livelihoods of the people of Hoi An will provide tourists with valuable knowledge. The best time for visitors to visit and admire the beautiful scenery here is early morning or late afternoon. On the boats, tourists can comfortably enjoy life and listen to the sound of paddles amidst the vast water.

3. Enjoy the “Hoi An Memories” live show

If the Japanese Covered Bridge is the symbol of Hoi An, then the “Hoi An Memories” live show is an outdoor artistic performance about the history, culture, and identity of Hoi An, representing the soul of its unique cultural heritage.

The show recreates the city of Faifo 400 years ago with impressive and excellent stage performances.



A scene from the Memory Society Show in Hoian

4. Releasing floating lanterns.



Tourists can release lanterns and make wishes for themselves.

This is one of the meaningful activities that many tourists love. The lanterns are made in the shape of flowers and are hung along the streets. Each lantern carries the wishes of individuals. Tourists will personally release these beautiful little lanterns to float on the river. From a distance, this place looks like a painting with shimmering lights in the middle of the night, carrying the thoughts and feelings of those who participate.

5. Visiting the ancient and revered bridge temple.



Take a moment to visit the ancient Chùa Cầu in Hội An.

Nestled on a small branch of the Thu Bồn River, Chùa Cầu is a place that brings a sense of tranquility to individuals. In stark contrast to the daytime atmosphere, at night, this temple stands out with its brilliant lights. Amidst the sparkling and mystical surroundings, tourists can easily forget all worries and troubles of everyday life. Travelers can stroll around the Old Town and stop by the temple to experience the peaceful atmosphere here.

6. Explore the Night Market in Hội An.



Tourists can stroll around the night market and choose suitable products for themselves.

At night, Hoi An becomes bustling with the vibrant night market. Here, tourists can easily buy souvenirs or specialties of the ancient town as gifts for their loved ones. Additionally, while wandering around the market, tourists can admire unique and impressive items such as lanterns, pottery, and clay figurines. The night market is a fascinating highlight of the ancient town.

7. Participate in traditional folk games



Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of Hoi An

In order to provide a more enriching experience for travelers in this region, most night markets or Nguyen Thai Hoc Ancient Town will organize various traditional folk games. In a lively atmosphere, tourists can participate in blindfolded pot-breaking games, barrel-breaking, or singing traditional “Choi” songs. These meaningful activities allow tourists to gain a deeper understanding of the local folk culture.

8. Enjoying Hoi An cuisine



Enjoying delicious food in Hoi An at night is a must

Perhaps the thing that everyone loves the most when visiting Hoi An is to indulge in the incredibly flavorful and enticing cuisine. The diversity and richness of the street food at night in the ancient town make the trip for tourists even more complete and fascinating. Travelers stopping by this land can savor some distinctive dishes such as Mi Quang (Quang-style noodles), Tau Pho (Hoi An-style tofu), Bun Thit Nuong (grilled meat vermicelli), Hoi An Cao Lau, etc.

9. Visit a coffee shop and admire the ancient streets of Hoi An.

For travelers who love tranquility, you can visit the super cute cafes in Hoi An to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or other enticing beverages. From above, tourists can have a panoramic view of the entire ancient town at night. What could be more wonderful than savoring a cup of coffee in a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.



Discover unique drinks in Hoi An

10. Check in and experience the virtual life with Moonlight Bridge

The “Moonlight Bridge” is the hottest bridge on the Hoai River, promising to be a not-to-be-missed check-in spot when visiting Hoi An. The bridge is likened to a pathway of clouds, leading tourists to the beautiful moonlit scenery in the middle of the river. It is also a bustling international trading hub in the Southeast Asia region, where Japanese, Chinese, and Western merchant ships meet. Every night, the bridge is illuminated like a beautiful moon appearing in the mortal world, surely providing you with unforgettable photo opportunities.



The Moon Bridge of the harbor is always illuminated at night.

11. Enjoy a relaxed vibe at the bars in Hoi An.

If you think there’s nothing to do in Hoi An at night, you’re mistaken. Unlike the noisy atmosphere with lively music, strong cocktails, or cold beers, the bars and lounges in the old town will surely surprise you. When traveling to Hoi An, you will easily come across cozy and intimate bars with classic designs that promise to offer you a truly unique experience. However, these bars or lounges in Hoi An usually close quite early, so you should consider the time when planning your visit.



Relax with unique bar styles only found in Hoi An

12. Admiring An Bang Beach at night

Many tourists only know about the ancient streets and traditional local food when visiting Hoi An, but they are missing out on something incredibly attractive: the beautiful white sandy beaches. While not as famous as Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach possesses a unique tranquility and untouched beauty. With its long and picturesque coastline, clear blue seawater, endless stretches of sandy beaches, cool casuarina trees, and dense stands of coconut palms, An Bang beach captivates everyone. Try taking a stroll along An Bang beach at night with your loved one, listening to the gentle sound of the waves, immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of the beach, and you will feel like you are lost in a magnificent natural paradise, leaving all worries behind in life.



The beautiful Cua Dai Beach becomes even more stunning when night falls.

13. Strolling to admire the old town at night

If the Hoi An festival is always bustling and crowded during the day, Hoi An at night possesses a shimmering, magical, and unusually tranquil beauty. Walking on the ancient streets, and admiring the vibrant picture of the lantern-lit town offers a fantastic visual experience. The moss-covered ancient houses become exceptionally impressive when night falls. In the evening, the “Memories of Hoi An” show at Memories Hoi An Resort & Spa on Memory Island provides visitors with an incredible experience, featuring the sounds and nostalgic yellow hues of Hoi An.



Entranced by the shimmering beauty of Hoi An at night.



In the evening, the dim lights flicker nostalgically

14. Drink cheap beer

Located on Bach Dang street, between the river and Hoi An market, is a row of affordable beer bars with a chill river view. If you’re running low on budget and can’t afford to dine at fancy restaurants, this is definitely an ideal choice for you. After a tiring day of sightseeing, enjoying a cold beer, sitting and chatting with friends and family is truly wonderful, isn’t it?



Local beer pubs are always a familiar destination for tourists and local residents

15. Street food in Hoi An at night.

In the evening, on the small alleys of Hoi An, there is a bustling crowd, with many stalls and street vendors offering a variety of famous street food such as different types of sweet soups, tube ice cream, balut, grilled skewers wrapped in wet rice paper, mixed pig’s ear spring rolls, etc. When visiting Hoi An, tourists can enjoy these dishes on any street in the old town.


The sweet bowls of chè (a Vietnamese dessert) bring refreshing joy during leisurely days in the ancient urban area.

There are also many other interesting things that provide a wonderful experience for visitors when they stop in Hoi An. No matter the time, this poetic land never ceases to captivate and attract tourists. And when they depart, the memories of this incredible place will still be cherished in the hearts of many.


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