Introducing Hifi Travel’s Basket Boat and Cooking Class tour in Hoi An

Introducing Hifi Travel’s Basket Boat and Cooking Class tour in Hoi An

Today, LIVING HOI AN is pleased to introduce to you the basket boat tour and cooking class at Hifi Travel Hoi An, an experience not to be missed when you come to Hoi An – a famous tourist destination in Vietnam.

Introduction to Basket Boat tour and Cooking Class

Basket Boat

Basket boat and cooking class are two unique activities that Hifi Travel Hoi An offers to visitors. First, on the basket boat tour, you will experience the thrill and excitement of traveling on typical bamboo boats, called “basket boats”. With a professional guide, you will explore lush wetlands and visit traditional fishing villages. You also have the opportunity to participate in some activities such as fishing and wild mushroom picking. This is a great opportunity to experience the simple life and learn about the unique culture of the local people.

Cooking Class


After finishing the basket boat tour, you will participate in a special cooking class at Hifi Travel Hoi An. You will learn how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes with the guidance of professional chefs, such as banh xeo, spring rolls and Quang noodles – famous dishes in Vietnamese cuisine. You will experience not only the cooking process but also choosing fresh ingredients from Hoi An market. Once completed, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food you have cooked yourself and this will definitely bring absolute joy and satisfaction.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit a local market and sample fresh ingredients
  • Experience unique basket boat of Vietnam
  • Entertain by fishing on the river using a net and shaking the boat.
  • Enjoy relaxing with interesting foot soaking and nail services for the ladies.
  • Learn how to cook Vietnamese cuisine with local chefs

Prices and regulations

  • Tour prices: 650,000 VND/ pax
  • Children under 5 years old: free
  • Children 5-10 years old: 50%


8:30am: Our guide will pick you up from your Hotel (only in Hoi An city) and take you to the Hoi An market. Here you will have the opportunity to interact with the local sellers and learn about the ingredients you will use in the cooking lesson . Make sure your camera is handy.

9:45am: take the basket boats and start your journey exploring the small channels, go deep into the forest of water coconut, hear about the history of the water coconut forest in Vietnam-American wars.

Tourist will be taught to rowing, fishing, catching crabs by the local fisherman, experience a mazing performance with basket boat dancing…

10:30am: Learn the traditional ways of preparing and cooking Vietnamese food.

Menu in program:

You can learn how to make the rice paper for the special fried spring-rolls. And learn how to make rice milk from the rice graining tradiotional way. After that you use the rice starch to make Vietnamese pancake (Banh Xeo).

Enjoy what you have cooked after the instructions.

14:00: Return to the hotel.


+ Making rice milk
+ Making rice paper
+ Sweet and sour sauce
+ Hoi An Spring roll (Fried or Fresh spring roll)
+ Vietnamese salad
+ Vietnamese pancake (Banh Xeo)
+ Pho (Noodle soup,) or Grill fish in banana leaf
+ Stem rice
+ Desert: grilled banana with sticky rice and coconut cream
Welcome drink: passion fruit

Introducing Hifi Travel’s Basket Boat and Cooking Class tour in Hoi An

Hifi Travel Hoi An is committed to bringing you memorable experiences. Hifi Travel’s dedicated team of guides and staff will ensure that you will have the most enjoyable and memorable basket boat tour and cooking class. In addition, Hifi Travel places high priority on safety and comfort for travelers.

Please visit Hifi Travel’s website at to find out more detailed information and book a basket boat tour and cooking class at Hifi Travel Hoi An. LIVING HOI AN wishes to accompany you on your journey to discover Hoi An and bring you the most wonderful experiences.

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