Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 | Hoi An Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 | Hoi An Festival

Hoi An is one of the most magical places in Asia to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Or Tet Trung Thu in Vietnam. In 2023, the Mid-Autumn Festival will take place on September 29. And promises to be a mesmerizing night for travelers and locals alike. With activities along the Thu Bon River and a festive atmosphere throughout the streets of the Ancient Town.

The Mid-Autumn Festival takes place after the harvest season, and is traditionally a time for families to reunite and relax together after a hard period of rice growing and gathering. Around Hoi An, troupes will perform lion dances to the beat of drums and gongs, children will carry glowing lanterns through the streets, and every family will gather to sample delicious mooncakes and sip tea under the bright light of the full moon.

The festival kicks off on September 27 with a lion dancing competition at the Hoi An Park.

Hội An Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 will take place from September 26 to 30. And will feature a variety of exciting activities. The first is a competition amongst students from the city’s secondary schools to perform Unicorn and Sacred dog dances. It will take place along with the artistic program “Full Moon Festival” for children at 6 p.m, on September 27.
On this occasion, Hội An city will also organize the Title procession “National Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hội An’s Mid-Autumn Festival” at 5:30 p.m. And the Title-awarding Ceremony “National Intangible Cultural Heritage of traditional festivals, social practices and beliefs of Hội An’s Mid-Autumn Festival” at 7 p.m. On September 28, in Hội An park. This title further affirms the values that the Mid-Autumn Festival brings to the community. It is also an opportunity to preserve and promote traditional cultural values.

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