50,000 - 500,000 Asian, Indian Food
24 Tran Hung Dao, Hoi An Viet Nam 11:00 - 22:00


Price Range

50,000 - 500,000


Asian, Indian Food


Buffet, Delivery, Free Wifi, Outdoor Seating


Introducing the Ganesh Indian Restaurant:

Just like music, Indian cuisine connects people together. Besides familiar cuisines such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, have you tried Indian cuisine right here in Vietnam? Trust me, the Ganesh Indian Restaurant will bring you an authentic experience of Indian culture through the flavors and presentation of their dishes. And if you're not particularly fond of the "eating with bare hands" culture or the heavily spiced and aromatic Indian food, you might reconsider when dining at the Ganesh Indian Restaurant. Take some time to explore all the information about this restaurant!

The Ganesh Indian Restaurant was established with the desire to provide Vietnamese people with a clearer understanding of Indian cuisine and to bring the culture and food of this country closer and more familiar to many places around the world, including Vietnam.

The restaurant owner is Indian, and he wants the cuisine of his homeland to be showcased in the most authentic way possible, so most of the chefs in the restaurant are from India. As for the serving staff, there is a mix of Indian and Vietnamese individuals.

The majority of the staff is fluent in English to provide the best service to foreign tourists. Regarding the ambiance, the restaurant places great emphasis on aesthetics.

First and foremost, they ensure that there are visually appealing corners for guests to take Instagram-worthy photos. Additionally, they strive to capture the essence of Indian culture within the restaurant.


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