V vegan Restaurant

100,000 - 240,000 Asian, Indian Food, Vietnamese
108 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An 560000 Vietnam 11:00 - 22:00


Price Range

100,000 - 240,000


Asian, Indian Food, Vietnamese


Cash Only, Delivery, Seating, Table Service, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible


Welcome to V Vegan - my first purely vegan restaurant venture in Vietnam.
While only around 40% of people in Vietnam are Buddhist, almost all Vietnamese choose to observe the Buddhist tradition of eating vegetarian food twice
a month for two days each time, at the new moon and full moon. These days, many of our favorite restaurants are closed or are serving vegetarian
versions of the meat and poultry dishes they usually sell. These restaurants have learned to be very creative with their menus, creating many ‘fake meat’
dishes using tofu and other plant-based alternatives to please their regular customers. On these special days, we are really spoiled by a huge selection of great
vegetarian food.
For non-Buddhists like myself, being a ‘part-time’ vegetarian feels like a positive habit - comfortable and balanced. It’s a chance to detox the body by eating
light - giving our digestive systems a break from the heavier proteins without feeling like we’re missing out. For me, rather than it being a religious philosophy,
it is about eating good food for a healthy body and mind.
In Vietnam, a vegetarian diet is in essence a vegan diet - with no dairy. There are also additional restrictions such as no onion, beansprouts, or garlic. However,
being a creative chef, I enjoy the challenge of finding alternative ingredients for my recipes. And adhering to vegan rules doesn't mean that food is bland or
lacking flavor. Over my time in the kitchen, I have built up a large repertoire of vegan dishes - something for everyone. My V Vegan world of vegetarian
cuisine is both varied and dynamic. I’ve even developed a vegan ‘crispy roast pork’ full of texture, and a delicious ‘beefsteak’ banh my for the die-hard meat
eaters out there! These dishes sit alongside more traditional Vietnamese vegetarian dishes and vegetarian versions of many of our Hoi An specialties (just try
our ‘chicken’ rice or cao lau!).
My V Vegan world is waiting to welcome you!


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