What is October 20th? When is 20/10/2023? History and meaning

What is October 20th? When is 20/10/2023? History and meaning

What is October 20th? It is the day of commemoration and honoring of Vietnamese women, closely tied to its historical significance. This is an occasion to express your feelings towards the women dear to you.

In 2023, October 20th falls on a Friday. Many people wonder, what is October 20th? Why is it chosen to celebrate Vietnamese women? Below are all the details about the origin of this holiday, as well as some suggestions for you to prepare for enjoyable activities and gift-giving.

20/10 là ngày gì

1. What is October 20th? When is 20/10/2023? History and meaning. How are March 8th and October 20th different from each other?

The question of what 20/10 is comes from the fact that Vietnam has two days to honor women, 8/3 and 20/10. So what are 8/3 and 20/10? 8/3 is International Women’s Day – honoring women all over the world. While 20/10 is Vietnamese Women’s Day, honoring women in Vietnam and abroad.

So what is 20/10 in English? The English name of this event is “Vietnamese Women’s Day.” It is an opportunity for Vietnamese people to express their feelings and admiration for the important women in their lives, such as grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, and girlfriends. Also during this time, Vietnamese women will receive special attention and recognition. This is reflected in activities, events, congratulations, awards, gifts, and wishes every 20/10.

2. What day of the week is October 20th this year?

20/10 là ngày gì

In addition to finding out what October 20 is for women, many people are also interested in knowing which day of the week October 20, 2023 falls on. In 2023, the commemoration of the 93rd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnamese Women’s Union (October 20, 1930 – October 20, 2023) will take place on Friday. Therefore, you can fully combine it with the two weekend days to organize meaningful activities or a short trip alongside the beloved women in your life. Don’t forget to send congratulations to your mother, wife, sisters, girlfriend, female colleagues, etc. to show your concern and affection towards them.

3. The history of the establishment of Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20th

20/10 là ngày gì

While many people may know what October 20th is, few people understand the origins of Vietnamese Women’s Day. This holiday is linked to many important historical milestones, specifically:

  • In 1972, many mass organizations were established and attracted many women to participate, such as: Red Labor Unions, Red Farmers’ Unions, vocational training groups, mutual aid groups, etc.
  • In February 1930, the Indochinese Communist Party was officially established. The party’s first platform clearly stated “gender equality.” According to this, the party highly valued the role of women in the revolutionary forces, so they set the task of liberating women, liberating the nation, and liberating the working class.
  • After that, women had the right to participate in revolutionary groups and establish their own organizations to attract women from all walks of life to participate in revolutionary activities.
  • On October 20, 1930, the Vietnam Women’s Anti-Imperialist Association was officially established. To mark this important event, the Communist Party of Vietnam has chosen October 20th each year as the traditional day of this organization, and also commemorates and honors Vietnamese women. From that milestone, October 20th is annually called “Vietnamese Women’s Day.”

4. What is the significance of October 20th?

20/10 là ngày gì

In addition to understanding what Vietnamese Women’s Day is, the significance of October 20th also receives a lot of attention.

Through many historical periods, Vietnamese women have always shown a spirit of unity, an important role, and actively contributed to the cause of national liberation, gaining independence and developing the country.

October 20th every year is of great significance, it is an opportunity for the country, society, husbands, and children to acknowledge the contributions and roles of mothers, sisters, and express their feelings to them. This event also continues to affirm that Vietnamese women deserve the eight golden words sent by Uncle Ho: “Heroic, indomitable, honest, and capable.”

5. Activities to celebrate October 20th

20/10 là ngày gì

Vietnamese Women’s Day Celebrations

Popular Vietnamese Women’s Day Celebration Activities

  • Cultural and artistic performances: This is a popular activity in many neighborhoods, communes, and organizations.
  • You can prepare gifts for your mother, sisters, wife, female colleagues, and so on to show your care and love for them.
  • Special promotions for women on October 20th: October is always the month when brands and businesses offer many discounts and gifts in celebration of Vietnamese Women’s Day. These may include discount vouchers or gifts. This campaign not only expresses appreciation and affection for women, but it also helps to increase brand revenue.

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